Rockridge Soundwalls

Coming to Rockridge?


If you own property in the Rockridge neighborhood of North Oakland, you may soon be asked to sign a petition in favor of approving soundwall studies as the first step towards constructing soundwalls along Highway 24. Many of us in Rockridge are opposed to this project and we strongly urge you: Don't sign that petition!

Please take a few minutes to look at this site to find out what the City of Oakland and The Rockridge News are not telling you.

Top 10 reasons not to approve soundwall studies for Highway 24 in Rockridge

1. Measured noise levels show that the proposed soundwalls are mostly unnecessary.
2. Approving a soundwall study report would preempt funding for tangible projects like intersection improvements and pedestrian lighting.
3. Only 133 properties would see a significant (5 decibel) noise reduction.
4. $1.182 $1.482 million would be wasted if the studies are approved but soundwalls are not built.
5. The City would have to compete with many other Alameda County transportation projects for $5 million to build the soundwalls. It is "highly unlikely that a sound wall will ever be constructed in the Rockridge area" (Victoria Eisen, City of Oakland Consultant for Caldecott-funded Projects); "These studies do not guarantee construction, and construction funding will be extremely difficult to impossible to come by" (Wlad Wlassowsky, Transportation Services Division Manager, City of Oakland).
6. Noise and air pollution at the Rockridge BART station, which would be bracketed by soundwalls.
7. Aesthetic considerations.
8. Possible losses in property values adjacent to Highway 24.
9. Soundwall grafitti removal would be the responsibility of the City of Oakland, not CalTrans, creating a tagger's paradise.
10. The approval process has been manipulated and there are serious ethics issues.

This website was not originally intended to compete in length with "War and Peace", but it kept growing as the saga of the Rockridge soundwalls unfolded. If you would like to know more, read:

- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
- An editorial
- The history of what has happened up to now
- Details about the manipulation of the soundwall approval process
- An original analysis of the Noise Study, which shows that soundwalls are not necessary in most of Rockridge
- Links to other sources of information, including documents, newspaper articles, and local television coverage

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- Jon Gabel, 39 year Rockridge resident, RCPC Board member 2008-2012,
Founder Rockridge DVD Project last updated: January 9, 2014